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The Next Human™ system focuses on providing aesthetic and health indicators that if corrected at an early stage may provide optimal conditions for physical appearance and health. In this sense, humans could reach old ages better prepared to face this challenging phase of life.

Life expectancy will soon exceed 90 years for the first time. It currently grades around 72.0 years at birth of the global population¹. This indicator has increased steadily between the 1960s and 1990s, mostly as a consequence of efforts to treat infectious diseases. It is important to bear in mind that the extension of lifespan that has been experienced in the last decades has not necessarily been accompanied by a similar extension of a healthy lifespan. This has brought the necessity to extend not only lifespan but also life quality from health and aesthetic perspectives.

¹ World Health Organization, 2016.

The Next Human™ consists of a system to help people to age their best under both physical and health perspectives, having the 3rd decade of life as the point of reference. A healthy individual in their 30’s presents the optimal characteristics that should be perpetuated according to gender and ethnicity. By providing simple clinical diagnostics in the aesthetic and health fields in the form of indicators, the Next Human™ will shape the future of people worldwide.

Dr Mauricio de Maio presenting Next Human in Allergan Congress

The Next Human™ system presents two basic indicators: the Ageing Trigger Points (ATP) and the Health Markers (HM). The ATP are subdivided into BATP (Bone ATP) and SATP (Surface ATP).

Dr Mauricio de Maio presenting Next Human in MD Codes Tour

The SATP refers to topographic locations and are represented as specific surface locations within the aesthetic unit of the face. The BATP negatively influences the ageing process and results from unfavourable embryological development or from trauma experienced after development. The HM consists of a system to assess health status and habits in a simple way as primary care.

The Next Human™ was firstly launched by Dr. de Maio in Monaco in 2017. It is a system that actively works to control the unprecedented challenges from aesthetic appearance and health decays.

“Before trying to desperately make patients look younger, we should first try to stop them from decaying.” 

 Dr. de Maio in Monaco, April 2017.

Dr Mauricio de Maio in the MD Codes Tour