Logo - MD Plient by Dr Mauricio de Maio

The MD Plient ™ is a system that facilitates the communication between Health Care Practitioners (HCPs) and consumers that seek treatment in Medical Aesthetics.

The word PLIENT results from the fusion of Patient and Client. It is a brand-new and strongly growing entity that receives the service and care of HCPs but presents the behaviour of a client picking and buying products and services. This is what makes this category so distinguished and special. The MD PlientTM addresses how to properly handle and cope with this new entity during the consultation and when it comes to the delivery of aesthetic medical procedures. 

Dr Mauricio de Maio presenting MD Plient in AMWC

It has been conceived and built in a balanced way so that both HCPs and Clients will benefit from this new system. 

When communication becomes more accurate and educational, a higher degree of satisfaction can be achieved.