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The MD DYNA Codes™ are the dynamic codes. They are a friendly system with clear information to deliver injection techniques for the precise placement of the product, all of which impacts muscle activity. It has been conceived to deliver natural facial expression and avoid or correct an abnormal facial appearance on animation.

But the effect that facial expressions have on appearance and on how patients portray themselves to others must be considered. Emotions are often revealed through the gestures of face and body rather than verbal communication and may be conveyed through a range of micro-expressions. Due to this complexity of movement, the face must be viewed as a three-dimensional moving unit, not as an isolated and static photograph.

Dr Mauricio de Maio presenting MD DYNA Codes in the MD Codes Tour
MD ASA - MD Codes - MD Dyna Codes by Mauricio de Maio

Based upon the above, the MD DYNA Codes ™ bring a new concept: how patients express themselves. They also approach how treatment plans should be adapted to preserve the favourable signs, optimise the unfavourable signs, and maintain natural expression. It is all about the Dynamic Ageing and Dynamic Beauty. 

The MD DYNA Codes™ also bring awareness to the fact that the ageing process affects multiple facial layers. Volume loss at the bone and fat pad levels may impact muscle behaviour by reducing soft tissue support. Mimetic muscles work differently in comparison with other skeletal muscles because they move the skin instead of joints, which may play a role in bone and tissue interactions within the ageing face. Ageing leads to an increment of facial lines both at rest and on animation. The MD DYNA Codes™ reduce dynamic lines and prevent them from converting into static lines.

MD DYNA Codes - Muscle by Dr Mauricio de Maio
MD Dyna Codes - Dermal Fillers and Botox by Mauricio de Maio

Thus the MD DYNA Codes™ optimize expression by modulating muscle function and providing facial enhancement on animation.