Dr Mauricio de Maio presentig the in the MD Codes Tour

The MD Codes Tour was formally introduced in 2015. But since 2002, Dr. de Maio has been lecturing for tens of thousands of injectors worldwide in over 40 countries. Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Dominican Republic,  France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and the United States of America.

The Leaders program was created as a starting point. With the Leaders program, Dr. de Maio introduced a new language in facial aesthetics – the MD Codes™ – and shared the value of discussing what “patient wants versus patient needs”. The idea was to take medical aesthetics to the next level by bringing a systematic approach for assessment, consultation and technique.

Dr Mauricio de Maio presentig the MD Codes Leaders
Dr Mauricio de Maio presenting MD Codes Tour program

The MD Codes™ Tour has now been expanded into a six-year program, which focuses on: supporting the technical development of injectors with the MD Codes™, facilitating patient communication and treatment planning with the emotional attributes, and focusing on dynamic ageing and dynamic beauty with the MD DYNA™ Codes.

Logo - MD Codes Tour 1 - Leaders

The MD Codes™ Leaders Program is the first year of the MD Codes™ Tour. It introduces the new language of the MD Codes™ concept. It also presents the concept of the Foundation, Contour, and Refinement as a proposed sequence to be observed in treatment planning.

Logo - MD Codes Tour 2 - Visionary

The MD Codes™ Visionary Program is the second year of the MD Codes™ Tour. It introduces the concept of emotional attributes. The difference between what patients want and what patients need is approached. The MD Codes™ Equations are also introduced as a friendly tool to help injectors to strategically build a treatment plan.

Logo - MD Codes Tour 3 - Distinction

The MD Codes™ Distinction Program is the third year of the MD Codes™ Tour. It presents the concept of Active Numbers and defines the Formulas to treat the emotional attributes with the MD Codes™. Surgical results with no downtime may be delivered by respecting the active numbers indicated for fillers.

Logo - MD Codes Tour 4 - MD DYNA Expression Logo

The MD DYNA Codes™ Expression Program is the fourth year of the MD Codes™ Tour. This program focuses on understanding how to treat patients’ dynamic expressions. It introduces the MD DYNA Codes™ for each muscle of the face and the MD ASA™ for assessment of favourable and unfavourable features for each patient.

5 MD Codes Tour - MD DYNA Modulation Logo

The MD DYNA Codes™ Modulation Program is the fifth year of the MD Codes™ Tour. It introduces the chemical and mechanical modulation and approaches the delivery of aesthetic rehabilitation.

6 MD Codes Tour - MD DYNA Masters Logo

The MD DYNA Codes™ Masters Program is the sixth and the latest year of the MD Codes™ Tour. It consolidates and deepens (from an expert’s point of view) everything you have learned from the MD Codes™ and the MD DYNA Codes™.

MD Codes™ Tour 2019

NetherlandsAmsterdamFebruary 6th to 10th
United KingdomLondonFebruary 12th to 24th
MonacoMonte CarloFebruary 26th to March 4th
United KingdomLondonMarch 6th to 7th
SpainBarcelonaMarch 27th to April 3rd
MonacoMonte Carlo (AMWC)April 4th to 6th
ChinaChengduApril 9th to 17th
UAEDubaiApril 19th to 25th
ItalyRomeMay 8th to 14th
GermanyFrankfurtMay 16th to 24th
CanadaCalgaryMay 26th to June 1st
CanadaTorontoJune 3rd to 6th
BrazilSão PauloJune 12th
IndiaMumbaiJune 26th to 30th
AustraliaSydneyJuly 3rd to 11th
South KoreaSeoulJuly 13th to 21st
BrazilSão PauloAugust 3rd to 9th
MexicoMexico CityAugust 17th to 23rd
United KingdomLondonSeptember 10th to 15th
TurkeyIstanbulSeptember 17th to 23rd
SwedenMalmoSeptember 25th to October 1st
FranceParisOctober 27th to 31st
RussiaMoscowNovember 2nd to 8th
United KingdomLondonNovember 10th to 13th
ChinaChengduDecember 16th to 22nd