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MD ASA stands for Multi-Dimensional Aesthetic Scan Assessment. It is a facial assessment tool and consists of a system of aesthetic hierarchy. It is developed for organizing the patient’s assessment and diagnosis. It systematically defines the process of facial evaluation, helping injectors to decipher the complex and hidden signs of the face both at rest and on animation.

Treating the message, not the distraction

In social and professional relationships, we relate to each other through the messages of our faces. This is how we speak with the world. However, when we turn our eyes onto ourselves we often zoom in on the tiny distractions we see in the magnifying mirror.

This is noticeable when injectors consult with their patients. When asked what bothers them, or what they want to improve, patients usually point to a distraction that they see in frontal view when they look at themselves in the mirror. However, they are often unaware that this will not change the overall message of their face or how they are perceived by others. Therefore, treatment of this distraction is unlikely to give them the satisfaction with their appearance that they are looking for. 

MD Codes - Emotional Atributes - Patient Feels
MD ASA - Faces are bools written in foreign languages by Dr Mauricio de Maio

Treating the cause, not the symptom

Each face is a book written in a foreign language.  The challenge is to constantly read the library of different books that visit healthcare professionals in their clinics every day and are often written in unfamiliar languages. Faces of different genders, ages, ethnicities and genetic structures, and with diverse triggers of environmental aging are seen. How can the treatment areas be prioritized? How can injectors become the expert that can educate patients on the need to treat “the cause” and not “the symptom”.

We need to discuss what the patient wants to achieve as a message of the face such as “look less tired”, “look younger”, etc. It is time to understand that every line or distraction we see in our faces is not caused only by a local problem, but has started elsewhere.

MD ASA - The Aesthetic Hierarchy by Dr Mauricio de Maio

The MD ASA was created to organize the assessment process. To achieve this, it is necessary to re-train the brain to focus on the cause of the symptoms that patients present – the lines, dark circles or folds. The MD ASA™ will help the injector to expand the patient’s understanding of what we can do to improve not only a distraction but also the message of the face. It is just like reading a book. To better understand a complex book (the face), we need to divide it into smaller sections.

Reading the face with the MD ASA aesthetic hierarchy