Dr Mauricio de Maio in presentation

We position ourselves as leaders in providing innovative concepts in medical aesthetics education. 

Our knowledge and experience started together with the inception of medical aesthetics itself. We are contributing to education through worldwide lectures, training and digital learning.

We care about quality and safety in medical aesthetics treatments. We believe that education is a strong factor to achieve positive outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Our activity is supported upon a vast knowledge and experience. We have as basic principles of high quality, unconditional excellence, and the conception of ideas that are a step ahead of our time. Our aspiration is to promote and expand Aesthetics Medicine. 

Our differentiation lies in the conception of innovative ideas and our commitment is to completely change the negative view towards medical-aesthetics procedures.

Dr Mauricio de Maio in the MD Codes Tour

Our content focuses on injectors worldwide. We are devoted to raising the bar of education in medical Aesthetics and promoting its improvement. We are committed to excellence and avant-garde ideas when it comes to medical education.

Dr Mauricio de Maio Speaking


To bring quality and safety to medical aesthetics treatments through education.


To create innovative concepts and implement excellence in medical aesthetics education.


To shape the future and make medical aesthetics a part of daily life.


●    We have an innovative drive;

●    We strive for excellence and quality;

●    We raise the bar and surpass limits;

●    We persist even in adversities;